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Beaufort County Democrats Urge School Board to Uphold Intellectual Freedom

Press Release

BCDP Resolution 



The below resolution was adopted unanimously on the 13th day of December, 2022,
by the Beaufort County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

WHEREAS, foundational to our Democracy is the freedom of expression, which
includes the right to read, seek and receive ideas, and is protected speech under the
First Amendment.

WHEREAS, The Beaufort County Democratic Party rejects attempts by public officials,
entities, and any others to limit these freedoms by restricting access to books and
information without appropriate public engagement and procedural safeguards to
ensure that freedom of expression, including intellectual freedom, is not prohibited or

WHEREAS, The Beaufort County Democratic Party believes in the value of critical
thinking and how that helps shape well-rounded members of our society, and that all
people have a right to stories, ideas, and information that accurately reflect the
diversity of our world.

WHEREAS, the Beaufort County Democratic Party calls on the elected members of
the School Board of Trustees to act in their authority as representatives of the public
interest and direct the leadership of the Beaufort County School District to follow
established policies regarding the handling of library materials to prevent the
infringement of First Amendment rights of students.


BE IT RESOLVED that the Beaufort County Democratic Party supports freedom of
expression as guaranteed by the First Amendment to include the rights of all students
to access a variety of books in schools, in libraries, and elsewhere and opposes
attempts by public officials, entities and any others in our community working to limit
access of students to a wide variety of literature and learning resources.

2018.06.18  BCDP statement calling for the passage of For the People Act as we celebrate Juneteenth

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