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Join a Democratic Club in Your Area

There are four membership clubs in the Beaufort County Democratic Party that facilitate Democrats and those interested in Democratic politics to meet on a regular basis, be educated by engaging speakers, and participate in social activities. 

To find out more about these Clubs, their activities, and how to join as a member, please click the appropriate link below.  Each Club maintains its own membership e-mail list, Facebook page, and website separate from the BCDP.  The Presidents of each of these clubs participate as active members of the Executive Committee of the BCDP.

Please note that there is NO membership fee or requirement to be involved with a Democratic Club in order to be active with the Beaufort County Democratic Party (BCDP).

Bluffton Democratic Club

Meeting:  1st Thursday of the Month at 6:00 PM



Democratic Club - North of the Broad

Meeting:  3rd Thursday of the Month at 6:00 PM

Place:      Grace African Methodist Episcopal Chapel,

502 Charles Street


Phone:      843-321-8004

Democratic Club - South of the Broad

Meeting:  2nd Tuesday of the Month at 11:30 AM

                  4th Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM



Democrats of Sun City

Meeting:  3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM


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