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The Beaufort County Democratic Party (BCDP) is the political party for anyone who identifies as a Democrat or caucuses with the Democratic Party in the county.  Since individuals in South Carolina do not register by a political party, there is no official membership in any political party.

The mission of the BCDP is to elect Democrats to local, county, state, and federal office, and to further the platform of the Democratic Party in our local community.  The BCDP hosts social events, educational forums, training, fundraisers, and conducts an annual county convention.

The BCDP is governed by an Executive Committee comprised of elected and appointed officers and precinct executive committee members  from each of Beaufort County’s 126 precincts. 


The BCDP Executive Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM. 

Please see the Calendar and Events page for details.


Officers of the Executive Committee of the Beaufort County Democratic Party are elected by the delegates to the Beaufort County Democratic Convention held in March of the even years. 

Current 2022-2024 Officers

Chair:  Kathleen Hughes

First Vice-Chair:  John Glover

Second Vice-Chair:  Sue Yearwood 

Third Vice-Chair:  Emily Mayer 

Executive Committeeman:  Dennis Lynch

Executive Committeewoman:  Jennifer Morrow

Executive Committeeman (Alternate):  Rich Horner

Executive Committeewoman (Alternate):  Jennifer Morrow

Secretary:  Dr. Gwendolyn Fox 

Treasurer:  Delois Johnson 

Finance Director: Jodie Srutek

The Presidents of the four Democratic Clubs in the county are

voting members of the Executive Committee. 

Bluffton Club President:  Gwyneth Saunders

North of the Broad Club President:  Peter Birschbach

South of the Broad Club President: Chris Devries

Democrats of Sun City Club President:  Lynn Gerson

126 Precinct Executive Committee members (or alternates) are also

voting members of the Executive Committee. 


Representing the BCDP on the SCDP Rules & Credentials Committee

Jennifer Morrow

Representing the BCDP on the SCDP Platform & Resolutions Committee

G. Blaine Lotz




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