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The Beaufort County Democratic Party Convention will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at the Community Center at Oscar Frazier Park in Bluffton. Check-in will begin at 9 a.m.; the convention will be called to order at 10 a.m.

All Democrats who are registered voters of Beaufort County are welcome to attend. Please register by clicking on the graphic above.

The county convention and official BCDP precinct reorganization will be held on the same date and time. There have been a few changes in the state law and SCDP Rules. Below is an explanation of the changes:

1. Precinct reorganization meetings are no longer required by law or the SCDP Rules. The formally required official business of precinct reorganization meetings will now be done during the convention, rather than at separate precinct meetings. 

2. The convention may elect one Executive Committee Member (and one Alternate) to represent each precinct. The Executive Committee Member (or Alt) will serve as a voting member at the BCDP Executive Committee meetings. Note: If you wish to file to serve as your precinct's Executive Committee Member, please fill out this form.
There is no deadline; Executive Committee Members may be nominated from the floor at the convention.

3. Precinct leadership roles such as Precinct President are no longer required by the state party rules, however, for any Democrats in a precinct who wish to serve as such, we will have the forms at the convention for you to sign. This process serves as the official BCDP precinct reorganization as described in the SCDP Rules. Note: The BCDP and SCDP will continue to provide training, lists, data, and field organizing tools for volunteers at upcoming action meetings throughout the county.

5. Any Democrat registered to vote in Beaufort County may attend the county convention as a delegate. If you wish to become a state or national convention delegate, you must first attend the county convention. If you wish to become a national delegate, please see the SCDP website for details on the national delegate selection plan.
Note: Delegates must not have voted in the GOP primary.

6. The county convention will elect up to 66 delegates and 66 alternates to attend the SCDP state convention on May 18, 2024. These delegates must be gender-balanced. If you would like to serve as a state convention delegate, please fill out this form. There is no deadline prior to the convention.

7. The BCDP Executive Committee voted to establish a filing period for Democrats interested in serving as an officer of the BCDP. Our incumbent officers will be seeking re-election for a one-year term, with the exception of the 2nd Vice Chair. The filing period for county party officers will be open from February 15th through February 29th at noon. The filing form is here.

8. Finally, if you would like to submit a Resolution for the convention to vote upon, please print and use this form.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Chair Kathleen Hughes at


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