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Lisette Cifaldi

State House District 123


Lisette Cifaldi Announces Candidacy for South Carolina House District 123

(Hilton Head Island, SC, March 18, 2024) – Lisette Cifaldi, a resident of Hilton Head Island with a steadfast commitment to serving South Carolina, proudly announces her candidacy for the South Carolina House District 123 seat in the upcoming election.

Lisette has deep roots in her community, having grown up on Hilton Head and having raised her daughters here. She has witnessed and experienced firsthand the challenges facing South Carolinians. With an unwavering dedication to community improvement, Lisette Cifaldi offers a fresh perspective to represent the residents of SC House District 123. “As we commemorate Women’s History Month, I am stepping into the race for the SC House seat for District 123 to amplify the voices that have been marginalized in South Carolina," explains Cifaldi. “My primary motivation for entering this race is based on two simple facts. First, South Carolina ranks as the third worst state in terms of female representation in its state legislature. Secondly, South Carolina is the only state with an all-male Supreme Court. Many decisions that have a significant impact on women are being made with no women in the room. The time has come to address the critical issues facing women's rights in my home state and be part of the solution."

Cifaldi draws on her family's diverse experiences, which reflect the pressing issues confronting our community. As a psychotherapist for over 25 years, she understands the urgent need for accessible mental health services in the Lowcountry. Her sister Robin, an ICU nurse at Hilton Head Hospital, witnesses firsthand healthcare disparities. Her brother Paul's extensive work with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes underscores the importance of community support. Additionally, her sister-in-law Amanda grapples with staffing challenges in her restaurant due to the lack of workforce housing.

Lisette’s platform prioritizes critical issues such as:


Improving Healthcare Access: Lisette aims to implement policies ensuring comprehensive and affordable healthcare coverage and prioritizing access to essential services such as reproductive health and mental health care.

Investing in Education: Addressing funding disparities and teacher shortages is vital for ensuring equitable access to quality education for all students in South Carolina. Supporting our teachers with respect and creating a safe school environment for our teachers and kids needs to be prioritized.

Economic Opportunity: Lisette advocates for measures supporting job growth, small businesses, affordable housing and addressing income inequality to create sustainable employment pathways for citizens.

Gun Safety Regulations: Lisette proposes implementing common-sense gun regulations including mandatory background checks, closing the Charleston Loophole, and safety training to ensure responsible gun ownership and to protect citizens from harm. The new permitless carry bill poses a significant risk to public safety and potentially increases the likelihood of gun violence and accidents.

Environmental Preservation: Lisette stresses the importance of preserving and protecting the precious Lowcountry environment as well as proactively addressing the impacts of climate changes, and strengthening adaptation and resilience measures for South Carolina’s coastal communities and natural resources.

“I am honored to announce my candidacy for the South Carolina House District 123 seat," said Lisette Cifaldi. "Our community deserves dedicated representation that champions equality, opportunity, and prosperity for all."

For more information about Lisette Cifaldi and her campaign, please visit or follow her on Facebook (@Lisette for SC House) or  Instagram (@Lisette for SC House).

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Lisette Cifaldi

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