Election Day:  NOVEMBER 8, 2022  7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Early Voting:  10/24-11/05 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

Democratic Candidates for Governor
& Lt. Governor of South Carolina

Cunningham LG-032.jpg
Cunningham LG-088.jpg

Democratic Candidate for
Secretary of State

peggy-01-3-trans (2).png

Democratic Candidate for
State Superintendent of Education

Lisa Ellis.jpg

Democratic Candidate for
US Congress

Congressional District 01

Andrews-Launch-7 (1) (1).jpg

Democratic Candidate for
U.S. Senate

Krystle Matthews for U.S. Senate

KM PHOTO (1) (1).png

Democratic Candidates for S.C. House of Representatives


Michael Rivers, Sr.

State House District 121

shedron williams.jpg

Shedron Williams

State House District 122

BarbNash-CloseUp (1).webp

State House District 124

Democratic Candidates for Beaufort County Council

2 (4)_adobespark.webp

Beaufort County Council District 2

alphonso small.webp

Beaufort County Council District 6


Cathy McClellan

Beaufort County Council District 11